10 Ways Fall Asleep Right Away for You

As a person who has been insomnia, I have adjusted to sleeping immediately every night without any drugs or unique methods. If you want to be like me, help yourself change your sleep, and you can’t sleep right away? I will share these methods with you.

Before that, maybe you have been in this state for a long time, tried many methods but still did not affect? Have you already felt very anxious every night? Or often think about what you have not done yet, seriously, massive, become an invisible ghost to suppress you.

If you still hope to find an effective way, I think the most important thing is checking your current situation.

Try to understand what kind of situation you are in; you don’t want to sleep, the other is already lying in bed but can’t sleep.

Situation 1: Didn’t Feel Like Sleep

If you don’t want to go to sleep, it means that your body and mind are in another state of activity. Maybe you are dealing with something because It’s not over yet so that your body and mind have not yet entered a state of rest.

Especially after a long time of work, unless the work progresses ultimately today. Then, your body will never stop working, switch to rest, your muscles and nervous system are in progress, this state can not enter sleep, absolutely do not.

You are the king of your body; you can signal to the body, you can stop, segment the work progress, you don’t have to do it all. Still, it will involve time management and then have the opportunity to discuss it.

Then, since there is no signal to sleep, you must try to get back to the source of the problem. So what makes you unable to sleep? In most cases, It causes by abnormal life and rest.

Check Yourself

It would help if you examine your lifestyle and then change. There are many reasons why I can’t fall asleep, and I feel bad. In my experience, I often work long hours and go to sleep late at night. Still, now I will think about the work items to be done tomorrow, and I often think about these things so that I don’t have them. It found that it lost the quality of sleep.

When I get up the next day, I always feel sore, dizzy, my neck is stiff, and I have been yawning. Seriously, I can’t concentrate on my work now. I can only finish the work on this day only 60 – 70%. Even when I try to finish it all, the time is close to midnight. I think I have to get up at 6 o’clock the next day; I’m beginning to fall into anxiety; this is already a cycle, what terrible.

So I started trying to change it in some way. I didn’t go to the doctor and didn’t take sleeping pills. Instead, I just wanted to change my schedule, break down the work items, and control my diet. Try to start timing exercise so that I got a huge difference.

Now it can complete my work schedule 90 – 95%. My stomach is no longer as fast as before. I don’t feel complete anymore. I wake up in the morning, and I’m sober enough. I feel so spiritual. I found this change very much. Great, it feels perfect; try to use these methods for a while.

Tell It After Dynamic

It’s essential to change your lifestyle as this’s directly affecting your physical condition. For example, if you are already used to sleeping in the middle of the night like me, your body is not at rest until time has passed.

If you want to change, don’t want to adjust to sleeping early in the middle of the night, you can do these things. The body has the right amount of work; dynamic generation will have static to balance the body effect.

These are some of the ways I have used myself to help myself sleep without sleeping pills. You can use it:

1. Make Sour

Exercise and fitness is always the best way to help you sleep. By weight training, you can help exercise your body muscles. The effect makes you feel tired. Finally, with a hot bath, you can achieve complete relaxation and finally fall asleep.

As a former insomniac, my first step is to start timing exercises. Before that, I didn’t find out how important it was. I didn’t feel that I was obese. It was a tricky thing. However, I just found that I couldn’t easily concentrate on my work every day. I felt dizzy, and I wanted to sleep in the afternoon. I can no longer accept this situation. When I exercise for a while, it brings me tremendous changes. I can sleep better and feel that my body is balanced.

Bench presses and squats are my favorite exercise programs in the gym. The bench press helps me to look at the chest muscles. The squats can help me eliminate the fat in my lower body. I feel relaxed, which allows me to compare. Long roads, as well as going up the stairs, don’t feel tired.

Of course, I like sports projects more, and I will write another article to share with you. But, in short, timing exercises can help you make a huge difference.

2. Bed Fun for Couple

Before that, I didn’t think it was necessary. I and my partner occasionally once or twice a week. But I later noticed that I could not enjoy the long-term hardness when my physical condition deteriorated due to the imbalance of my living habits. And it’s easy to feel tired. But just after I changed my living habits, my body became better, and my partner was pleased. We enjoyed many nights, and we all had good sleep quality after the end.

What I want to say is that bed fun can make you excited, happy, and happy. But, after that, you will be tired. If you take a shower, you can completely relax your body and go to sleep. The premise is that you must ensure that you have a healthy physical condition and regular exercise habits.

3. Reading is Always Practical

Spend some time reading books every night. By reading some of the works you are tracking, you will focus on the content, but you also need to control yourself. Once you feel wanting to sleep, for example, if you start yawning, you will immediately interrupt. I can fall asleep.

I’m not saying that I have to read in the middle of the night. The natural state of insomnia is that you can’t concentrate on reading. You only need to do this between 9-10 in the evening. You don’t have to take it as a routine and naturally do it. It’s good. But only read books, not TV, because it will only increase your excess fatigue. This feeling does not help your body to relax and feel good to get up the next day.

4. Note About Yourself

In addition, read books, write a diary, record what happened on the day, or some of your thoughts.

For some people, late at night is a very easy time to think and no one is bothering. For me, I often do this, but now I’m not doing it late at night, because too much thinking will prevent me from going to sleep.

If you want to record, you would instead choose to go to 9-10 in the evening. Maybe your child will do this after sleeping. Finally, when you finish writing, it means that today is over. It will feed this state back to the mind to take a rest.

5. Set Your Future

The most significant change I made was to learn to arrange a list for the next week. I used to write notepaper as a reminder, but it was short-lived. It isn’t beneficial for family planning next week or even a month. Just change; it will write this list on my standard laptop. I will pick out the most important, written on the paper strip on the refrigerator, including the purchase of food.

Sometimes people are anxious, sometimes not entirely physical problems, but the future trip not arrange. If you forget to buy the following week’s food, you have to spend another time buying a takeaway, which will waste your time of the day. Finish your work.

What I’m saying is that when you do not have to learn to make arrangements, you will not be able to worry about what else not finish yet. Instead, it will make you feel anxious, and anxiety will make you unable to relax.

So arrange the to-do list on the next day’s list because you may think of other things that not finish yet, and you have to add them to the calendar first. So to list all the things you want to do and arrange them properly. It means that today’s work is over, and after the body receives the signal, it will enter a state of rest.

6. Replace Your Bed

Don’t underestimate this thing! Since you have to lie on it to sleep at the end, why not give yourself a high-quality mattress?

When I try to change my bed, I can quickly go to sleep; I’m used to sleeping on the side. However, no matter if you use any sleep movement, the support and elasticity of the bed will determine your sleep quality and mental state after getting up. Undoubtedly, I have successfully passed this process, and today you can also try this way.

No one wants to sleep in a state of sleep, but It’s a hard mattress, especially for me, who had hypertrophy at the time, so I decided to change the bed.

These methods are all tried by me. But, unfortunately, these are all you can do at your usual time. It takes time to change your habits. It’s not easy, but as long as you persevere, this will bring you tremendous changes.

Situation 2: Wanna Sleep but Not Now..

This situation is more serious. You are lying in bed, but you are worried about certain things in your head. This state is preventing you from falling asleep.

When you try to stop thinking, but find that you can’t keep your head at rest, maybe you can signal to your head right now: stop, stop, prevent all.

If you are entirely unwilling to sleep late at night time, what else can you do? The most important core concept is to send a signal to your body and tell him that It’s time to rest.

If you are lying in bed but can’t sleep, the destination is to tell your body that you should rest and sleep; then you can try to do these things:

1. Try to Throw Your Troubles Away and Stop Thinking About Them

It’s a different angle of coping. When I try to signal the head, I’m ordering the worker like a commander, turning off the machine to stop working. Maybe you feel a bit ridiculous, but you have to try to practice it yourself. I have participated in many motivational courses. Many inspiring masters also teach people to control themselves. You are your own master. You can decide everything. Now, you can choose to throw away these negatives and do it.

Be sure to issue a command to your head, order it to stop, and then you will repeat this action. This idea will paralyze your concentration on one thing, decrease your concentration, lower your brainwaves, and your body will go to rest.

2. Listen to Relax Music

It Is also a way to relax through external forces, but what should the music choose?

My practice: Even if my phone is charging, I open it, open the Youtube app, search for relaxing music live has a lot of results, the benefits of the live version can continue the theme until you actively turn it off. To listen to music, you must also pair it with headphones.

Sometimes, wearing headphones to relax music is more effective in helping you relax because it can isolate the surrounding noise. Regarding the sleep aid headphones, I will write another article to recommend them.

3. Don’t Urinate

Sometimes, you can’t sleep, just have the feeling of going to the bathroom, the sense of wanting to pee, but don’t squat; it will make you feel pain. Even if you are relaxed all over the body, you still have to try to get up, don’t let this pain continues; otherwise, the bladder will injure.

Therefore, the state of urinating can not let you sleep; It’s better to get up directly to the toilet.

4. Listen to Radio & be Whisper.

It may not use this method anymore. Late-night radio programs are another way to try, but the premise is that you must have a radio, and this must be your own; if you have another half, don’t do this.

5. Do Meditation

Meditation is a very connotative method. When I try to do this, it can help me relax quickly and go straight to sleep. My feeling is a positive hypnosis effect. Meditation is a way to practice, and It’s more effective with a meditation concert.

Regarding meditation, I will write another article to share how to do it.


When I haven’t tried to make some changes in living habits, I don’t think these practices can change the quality of my sleep. Because I thought there was no connection between the two until I calmed down and thought.

Many insomniacs mainly cause by abnormal life and work, which leads to the inability to have a high-quality sleep. It directly affects the efficiency of the next day and then becomes a vicious circle. When I tried to do these things, my trip was average. I could sleep before 11 o’clock, and getting up the following day was very spiritual.

I have done it now; I can, then you can take action like me.