Insomnia Relief “The Blue Forest” Make You Fall Asleep Faster Binaural Beats

INSOMNIA RELIEF [Fall Asleep Fast] “The Blue Forest” Binaural Beats Sleep Music

Welcome to “The Blue Forest” Insomnia relief music with binaural beats to fall asleep fast and easy. Beat stress, anxiety and experience the deep relaxing sounds of this hidden forest. This track is also ideal as sleep meditation music or as lucid dream music.

Binaural Beats have shown to reduce levels of stress and anxiety. The Binaural Beat frequencies may affect brainwaves – a process called “entrainment”. Examples of entrainment are gently rocking a baby to sleep, or falling asleep in a moving train. In history it has been used as ceremonious chanting to enter trance like states. Nowadays many people use entrainment for relaxation, sleep or meditation purposes.